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The FAFSA deadline for seniors is March 2. March 17th and 18th are the CAHSEE English and math testing dates for 11th and 12th grade students.

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Depth of Knowledge
California continues to move towards driving the academic content to be more in depth. With that, Pacific Charter Institute expert educators are working closely with all of the teachers to best prepare our students to learn and analyze content. Our efforts focus on maximizing student learning and preparing a pathway for college and career. We are excited about being on the tip of the spear for our students!
2014-2015 PCI School Year Calendars
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Heritage Peak Charter School
Rio Valley Charter School
Valley View Charter Prep
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Support PCI Foundation

Pacific Charter Institute Foundation proudly supports our graduates with scholarships at a rate that eclipses traditional schools. Pacific Charter Institute staff from the three schools contribute almost a $1,000 a month to this important program.
This year we plan to provide scholarships to every student that completes a career certification program and every student accepted to a four year college. Our future goals include scholarships for students completing community college work. If you are interested in contributing to the PCI Foundation, please contact Danielle Franco-Matteoli at
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