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*** Pacific Charter Institute proudly congratulates our 2018 National Merit Commended Scholars, Kyle F. and Moorea M. from Valley View Charter Prep!***
About PCI » Mission/Vision/Strategic Plan

Mission/Vision/Strategic Plan


VISION   Developing self-motivated, educated individuals in the Sacramento region who will spread the wealth of knowledge worldwide in a meaningful way.

MISSION Pacific Charter Institute empowers students to take charge of their education by connecting their individual needs and interests to a rigorous learning plan, thus creating self-motivated responsible citizens, critical problem-solvers, and lifelong learners.


Learning and Growth

·          Expand student-centered opportunities and decisions to maximize learning.

·          Develop and Maintain meaningful and appropriate relationships with families.

·          Facilitate teacher innovation and flexibility in developing successful academic goals and materials.

·          Effectively utilize state adopted materials with fidelity in a non-traditional school setting.

·          Implement effective, proven 21st Century educational opportunities for staff development.

Internal Organization

·          Establish a continual improvement system to better service internal and external customers.

·          Expand the understanding and use of Professional Learning Communities throughout the organization.

·          Maintain adequate resources throughout the organization to ensure maximum productivity and student learning.

·          Implement planning tools allowing internal and external customers clear vision of programs with appropriate timelines.

·          Develop and implement a new teacher training program for Pacific Charter Institute and each school and learning center.


·          Ensure all programs meet the overarching goals of the organization and charters with fiscal prudence and accountability.

·          Maintain a clear individualized focus on all students in the organization.

·          Seek opportunities to continue building Pacific Charter Institute as a valuable regional educational resource.

·          Maintain a focus on increasing all state standardized assessments results within the models offered by Pacific Charter Institute.            

·          Ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations ensuring educational success for students within the models developed by Pacific Charter Institute.


·          Establish clear expectations and goals for all incoming students and share this information with all interested local agencies and groups.

·          Develop meaningful partnerships with organizations to further opportunities for students and staff.

·          Establish and maintain positive relationships with local groups including media, community groups, and business organizations.

·          Establish and disseminate clear goals and achievements through multiple communication tools.

·          Maintain positive relations with the local educational groups including the sponsoring school districts.