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*** Pacific Charter Institute proudly congratulates our 2018 National Merit Commended Scholars, Kyle F. and Moorea M. from Valley View Charter Prep!***
Sutter Peak » Is Sutter Peak Charter Academy for you?

Is Sutter Peak Charter Academy for you?

Is Sutter Peak Charter Academy the right school for you?


Sutter Peak Charter Academy offers K-12 grade students a personalized educational experience; an alternative to the traditional assembly line style educational system.


We empower our students to utilize the broader world as their classroom.


Leveraging the Flexibility:


"Independent Study Model" and "Homeschool Models!"


Home School Program:

Sutter Peak Charter Academy (SPCA) offers home schooling students in Sutter, Butte, Colusa, Placer, and Yuba Counties an educational experience that is personalized to each student.  The SPCA staff work cooperatively with parent educators to develop an individual student-learning plan.  Each learning plan is supported with generous and competitive discretionary funding to purchase curriculum and vendor course instruction.  Each parent educator is paired with a credentialed teacher located in the student's community.



Independent Study Program:

Our independent study program offers students more direction instruction, but with the flexibility that accommodates for a variety of learning styles.  Students meet one-on-one with an independent study teacher weekly.  Each student receives a generous academic budget that supports a personalized learning plan.  Staff will work with students to choose books, activities, and supplies that are suited for their individual needs.



Creating Community Leaders

At Sutter Peak Charter Academy, we work to cultivate community leaders, students who apply the critical thinking skills they've developed in the classroom to solve problems within their community.  Students will be invited to start a community service project which they will work on throughout the year.  At the end of the year, students will create a report outlining the impact they've had on their community, what they've learned, and what they could have done differently.


By the end of their education at SPCA, each student will have a portfolio of projects they have established in their community to reflect on.  These can range from tutoring younger students to creating a new student guide showing new peers where the library is and other resources or holding a sock drive for the homeless.  Our aim is to see students understand that they are citizens of a larger, global world, and begin discovering how they fit into it.


Our Core Values:



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Live Oak, CA.  95953